Sunday, July 11, 2021

Ken …

      “Honestly, Puff, quit pouting. It’s most un-catlike.”  Sophie was pretty peeved with the little cat. She was tired of explaining things, some of which even she didn’t yet understand.  They all had come up from Florida to live on the big boat. Storm, Puff, Mama and Daddy, and of course herself. Then all sorts of weird things happened. She and Stormy went to a friend’s house, where there was another dog who wasn’t offering the same hospitality HER mama did. There were upstairs dogs, downstairs dogs, and eventually Mama and the cat.  Puff never got to come downstairs, just herself. 

     Mama would leave every day, and come back sad.  None of all this made any sense.  There was talk about a boat, and moving it to where they all could live on it. But even that didn’t happen right away.  

     And then Misty came. Sophie didn’t get to see her at first, she spent all her time on Daddy’s bed.  He was in a hospital, hooked up to something that helped him breathe.  She kept watch, curled up beside him.  The nurses would come and go, checking this thing and that.  They were not able to see her, though one of them sensed her presence, despite being unable to really understand.  Misty was grateful that Dugan had come with her.  She knew well enough that she was safe, he didn’t come for protection, but rather to help her keep her vigil.  

     And on the sixth day, Dugan’s mama had come too.  It was heart breaking for him to see Heather sobbing, and not being able to do anything about it.    He whined a little, though no one could hear him.  

     “Two years isn’t enough” she said … “it isn’t fair.”  There was little Mama could say to make her feel any better, not for many reasons, some of which she didn’t understand either.  Then the doctor came in, and explained what would happen the next day, when the rest of the family was present.  

     “He is so still.”  Misty sighed and leaned into Dugan’s ruff.  “I haven’t  a clue how Mama is going to survive this.  She has searched a lifetime for him, and finally found her way back.  They were so happy, so full of plans.”

     “But isn’t it always that way?” Dugan sighed as the women left. “People are always making plans, and for the most part, driving themselves nuts in the process.  They ought to be more like dogs.  Living in the Moment.”

     Misty answered,  “For that matter, the entire animal kingdom. We all live moment to moment,  though the wild ones need to plan ahead for dinner when the weather turns bad.”

     It had gotten dark outside. The lights inside had dimmed somewhat, the two animals had not heard Andrew arrive.  “How are you two holding up?” He reached into his famous pockets for tidbits.  “Tomorrow will be difficult.”

     “How much will he know? Will he be scared? What can we do to help?”

     “When everyone is here, and has had time to understand the doctor, the breathing machine will be turned off.  We will leave then.”  Andrew scratched that special spot behind the collie’s ears. “There will be no pain for him, only for those he leaves behind.”

     At that moment there was a small sound, and another kitty appeared.  “Am I too late? Where have you guys been? Is Mama okay?”  All of Mousie’s questions ran together.  

     “No, we were just discussing what will happen tomorrow.  I’m glad you will be here with Mama.”

     “Well I figured you would want to go with him and Andrew. Dugan! Ha! I should have known you’d be here.  And I’m glad.  Mama’s been trying to hold it all together for everyone, not to add to their own burdens.”

     “We’re not too sure she’s really come to grips with it all herself.  We’ve watched her all week. She talks to him, reads to him, holds his hands, touches his face … and since he is between here and there, we aren’t all that sure of what he knows either.”

     “She set him free a week ago, but he has not left his body yet.  He knows she’s here, and he knows her pain.  It will be awhile before he will be able to talk to her, to any of them.  She understands this.”  Andrew had been holding Mouse as he explained.  It wasn’t so very different than their processes had been.  

     The four of them grew silent.  Misty resumed her vigil next to Ken, Mouse snuggled up next to Dugan, and  Andrew folded his wings around all of them.

     Sunday came.  It wasn’t long until the others had arrived and the doctor explained what had happened, what would be next, and answered their questions.  Misty and Mouse had retreated to the windowsill, and Dugan rested against Andrew.  Finally the moment came. Andrew scooped up Misty, Dugan pressed close to Ken.  Andrew wrapped his wings around them all and they were gone.  

     The others had left.  Mouse had hopped up on the bed and was purring her love. “He is gone, Mama, Andrew and the others took him home.  I wanted to be here with you for a bit, because I knew you would stay behind.

    “You know his pain is gone. All the bad things from disease and brokenness are over.  You know he’s been provided for, as have all of us before him, and as you will be one day.  I know you’re asking  yourself ‘how am I going to do this … to go on without him’, and you know the answer to that as well.  You’ll put one paw in front of the other, and take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

     “It’s time for you to put that faith of yours to the test.  You know these things. You’ve taught all of us. And we listened, even when you didn’t think we did.  Turn toward the window, Mama, gather up your things.  That’s right.  Now turn toward your left, that’s it … there’s the curtain, pull it aside and go into the hall …   

     As the woman left the hospital, no one noticed the little grey cat with folded ears padding softly beside her.  No one saw them leave. Her life would change now, some good, some bad, but she would continue to be ….     

©️ Rose Scott 7/11/21

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Sissy and Tom ...

 Sissy had been at the Bridge for several months, and had reunited herself with her friends from the big house in Michigan.  Some of the kitties had been barn cats, some house cats, and there were always fresh litters of kittens.  Mama just had a big heart!  She’d go down to the barn every day to be sure that everyfur had something to eat.  Sometimes Larry visited with her, but many of the kitties had gone through the Gates with him already.  Sissy loved him, but she longed for another.  She was well into her golden years when Tom came to live with Mama and her, and she had loved his gentle ways.  And truth be told, she loved the way Tom treated Mama.  

Misty thought it would be better if she went to find Sissy, instead of having Andrew just snatch her out of the air and onto his lap.  She still had issues with him when he did that, though she had to admit it WAS helpful for him to know what she was thinking ...

“Oof.  Dang it Andrew I was about to go ...”

The angel chuckled as he cradled Misty in his arms.  It was their own special “thing”, for Misty wasn’t really mad at him and Andrew knew she wasn’t, but she’d always go through the motions of being peeved.

“I didn’t snatch Sissy, but I thought I’d help you find her, it’s a special day for her.”  Some of the other animals had gathered around to find out what was up. Andrew’s presence usually meant someone was coming, and today was no exception. 

“It looks like Mouse and some of the others are already working on her!  We’ve still got a little time yet.”And as he had spoken,  Misty saw “the girls” as he called them, all having a paw in getting Sissy ready.  Her long fur needed a lot of grooming.  At least here she didn’t have the awful mats to deal with that were so hard to comb.  Often Mama just took scissors and cut them out, but no need for that anymore.  

At first Sissy was puzzled with all the attention she was getting.  Group grooming was something they all enjoyed, but there were giggles and looks between the others, obviously SOMEthing was up! And more and more of the other animals were arriving, all of them excited, for these days were always the BEST days!  People who had lived with pets during their years on earth would be reunited with them, as had been promised. 

Putting Misty down, Andrew then reached for Sissy and held her close. “Are you ready, Sweetheart?” He asked.  As her eyes grew bigger and bigger she realized someone was coming for her!  They all turned their attention to the Great Gates which stood open. And down the hill  he came!  Larry was with him, as were some of the barn cats.  They held back a little bit, letting Tom move ahead.  He knew how wonderful it was when he first arrived, and was reunited with all the animals he had loved.  He wanted this to be Tom’s big moment.

Sissy started to squirm in Andrew’s embrace, “Put me down! It’s Daddy! He’s here!!!!” And as the angel lowered her, she leapt to the ground and took off to meet him.  Tom laughed as she launched herself into his arms. Oh what a glorious day!!!

For Tom was well and strong again. The air machine and tubes were gone. His health had been restored, just as Sissy’s had been. He’d never known her as a young cat, and  yet here she was,  no longer plagued by old age.  She purred so loud she could be heard by all who were gathered to celebrate with them.  

How soft her fur was! Tom buried his nose in it and smelled the sweetness of her. His eyes met Andrew’s as he spoke. “So You’re the famous angel I’ve heard so much about!” And with a big grin, extended his hand to clasp Andrew’s. “I am honored to meet you.”

“It is your faithfulness to our Creator, He who made you.  You have run  your course, and now you have come to be reunited with the kitty you had loved.”

Tom and Sissy turned to wave at the animals who were all there to watch. “We will come to visit, don’t worry!”

“Didn’t I tell you?!” Larry laughed as Tom’s grin grew wider. “It sure is something to see!”  The two men walked back up the hill to the Gates.  

Misty slipped silently away, to the edge of the meadow.  “Mama, tell Aunt Mary everyone’s okay. Tom was here, and he and Sissy went back up the hill.  But she need not worry, they’ll all be waiting for her when her day comes.

“And Mama? We’re waiting for you too ...”

All was well. All was as it had been promised. 

©️Rose Scott, 3/31/21

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Reggie ...

 Molly just KNEW!!!  “Now, how do those silly cats ....”.

Oof! “Andrew!”

“Yes, my love.” The angel replied, with a smile, and a rub behind the beautiful golden retriever’s ears”

“Is he coming? Can I greet him? When will he get here?”

“Calm down, sweetie!  He’s already here.  In fact, he’s over on the soft patch of clover where all of your friends have been .... see?”

Molly  turned and looked, and there he was, Reggie! Across the meadow she ran, leaving Maggie behind to investigate Andrew’s marvelous pockets.  She leaned down and nosed him ... He woke up to find himself looking at, of all things, Molly! “Huh? What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Well you’re at Crystal Creek and we, Maggie and I came down for a morning swim. What are YOU doing here?” She asked.

“Um. well I wasn’t feeling very well. My jaw hurt something fierce and it’d bleed, so Mom took me to the vet and I guess I went to sleep and uh, well. Here I am. Which is where exactly?”

“OH! It’s the most Wonderful place! You need to come meet Andrew and Maggie. But first you must have a drink from the creek ...”

Doing as he was told, Reggie was surprised at how cool and refreshing the water tasted. Like nothing he’d ever found in his bowl, or the toilet ..

“Okay, now what?”

“C’mon! Race you!”

Molly took off, her golden tail waving in her wake ... with the handsome Brittany spaniel in hot pursuit. They were both laughing in happy doggy abandon when they came to Andrew and Maggie who were patiently waiting for them. Maggie thought to herself how differently SHE would have greeted him, but Molly was far more “over the top” in anything she did.

“Hello, young man! You must be Reggie!” Andrew withdrew some treats from the legendary pockets of his robe.

Reggie sat as if at attention, as a true gentleman should. Last call at night for Molly would find Reggie sitting ,very dignified at the edge of his property line [electric collar prevented him going walk-about]. She’d go over and nose to nose a bit and both would “go home” for the night. After she went to the Bridge he’d still come to the “fence line” to visit. If Maggie’s Mommy didn’t come talk to him and give him scratches he’d bark, not obnoxiously, but one knew he wanted the visit. Her daughter Martha was the one who gave him the “handsome” designation because of the way he sat. He always looked so dignified.

“I see that you and Molly are old friends!” If a burgundy dog could blush, he did. Shuffling his front paws a bit he looked at Andrew and said “I always said goodnight to my lady.”

“Your time on earth has come to an end, and the people who loved you felt it was best to send you to us.”

“That’s just it. Where is here’?”

“When the earth was new, God provided for all living things, knowing each had a different span of days to live. He knows each of you, as all of you were made by Him. When it is time, you all return to Him, to be with Him forever.

“Here, as you’ve asked, is one of many such arrival spots, all within the reach of Crystal Creek, which flows from the River of Life. In just a few moments, we will take you to the Bridge made of every color of the rainbow. It signifies God’s promise to all he created.”

Molly ever impatient added “And you jump off, and everybody’s already there, and we play with the other angels, and we’re never cold, or hungry or hurting, not Ever!”

To know Molly was to love her, and Andrew did. Mouse had told him much about Molly and Maggie who was her predecessor. She had often commented how totally opposite their personalities were! She remembered the first time she met Molly, when her people had come to visit in their house on wheels. Molly had come in the door of the house barking her head off, leaving Mouse sitting there staring at her as if to say “Who are YOU, and what have you done with Maggie!”

Andrew rose, the dogs at his feet as they walked into the mist ...

... and appeared on the beautiful bridge. Reggie blinked, and blinked again. SO MANY ANIMALS!! Maggie and Molly hopped off to join with the cats, and the other dogs who had come before him. Some of them he knew of, others ... not so much. He was overwhelmed! There were birds, little animals, some were wildlife he recognized, and a few squirrels he thought he remembered chasing.

“Now you gotta jump off!”

“Honestly, Molly, you’re incorrigible! Yes, Reggie, accept this gift of eternity, and join us!”

With a look back at Andrew, “Will my folks know where to find me?”

“Yes, Reggie, and all of you will be reunited with them when their days have ended. Until then, you’re here with us.”

With a deep breath, Reggie closed his eyes and jumped. The animals all gathered around him, everyone talking at once. Introductions, reunions. And as he faded from view, two little cats, one all grey with a few white spots, and the other a grey tabby Scottish fold slipped away to the edge of the meadow. They were Mousie and Mouse, as close as two sisters could be.

“Mama? Reggie’s here, his face is all healed up, and he looks grand! Molly and Maggie met him with Andrew. We stayed behind ... it was a ‘dog’ thing. They giggled as they looked at each other.

Andrew smiled, thinking to himself how all of these sweet creatures were tied together by a common thread - Love.

“And we love YOU too, Andrew” the kitties softly purred....

And all was well.

©️Suzie Sergeant and Rose Scott. 3/13/2021

WHEN IT COMES TO THIS.... HANDSOME REGGIE WAS A BEAUTIFUL BRITTANY SPANIEL. HE LEFT FOR THE BRIDGE ON THURSDAY Oops. left the caps on . Again HE had been enjoying he company of a Brittany/ poodle puppy actually instigating playtime. However he had cancer of the jaw and it wasn’t operable . The bleeding was getting worse and the jaw was actually disintegrating so it was an act of kindness to let him go.
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Monday, February 8, 2021

Um, Andrew?

 “Yes, Little One ...”

“Before yesterday, there was just you, and all of us critters.  You’re an angel, but that Michael dude ... you called him an Archangel?”

“Yes.  There aren’t many of them.  Michael, the Archangel, is far more powerful than I am, far wiser, and has more of the Creator’s bidding to do than we do.  We are among the Company of Heaven, and far greater in number.”

“Oh.  I kinda thought YOU were in charge.”

“No, my love.”  Andrew settled with his back against a beautiful willow tree, whose branches swayed lightly in the breeze.  A few little birds had joined them, preening their feathers as they sat, curious about where this conversation was going.  

“We are angels, sometimes called cherubim.  You’ve seen us about, making sure everyfur’s needs are met, though needs are few here.  There are others who serve in other capacities as well.  Much like it was on earth, different people had different responsibilities.  Some of us are tasked with greeting new arrivals. Some of us even go to earth, when the transition of life to death is difficult, as escorts.  There are many meadows, and all are served by Crystal Creek, the water that flows from the River of Life.  Just as all of you are tied together in one way or another, there are many many other groups, with their own angels like me, who look after them.  Our Creator’s house has many rooms.”

“Mama used to say that.  It didn’t make much sense then, and I’m not so sure it does now.  There were people on earth I didn’t like.  Like the Vet. I didn’t much like him.”  Misty studiously scrubbed a paw. “He did things to me I did not like.”

Andrew chuckled.  “It was his responsibility to keep you healthy.”

“So ... does Michael greet others than the dogs we saw?”

“There are special circumstances when Michael greets ones who come.  The dogs you saw were special, trained to work with man, and protect him, in very dangerous situations.  When it is their time to come home to us, they are greeted by others of their kind, with the Archangel. It is a special honor.”

“Mama said *I* was special.”  Misty pouted. 

“You dear sweet kitty, you most certainly ARE special.  You have not just accepted what happens here, you want explanations!  Sometimes, I’m not so sure I’m providing you all that you need want to know, but I try.  

“All of you who come to us when your number of days have run out, were special to someone on earth. Even the lost and forsaken, the homeless and strays, are loved and prayed for, and those intercession are heard and answered.”  Andrew continued to stroke Misty’s silky fur.

“Um, what’s inter ... inter-sessions?’

Michael chuckled.  “Intercession.  Prayers said on behalf of others.  Your Mama, along with millions of other people across the globe, pray for guidance, pray on behalf of others who are in need, sickness or any other adversity.  With the invention of the ‘writie-box’ as you call it, people who never knew of each other can communicate , which they could not do before.  Their efforts to help others are strengthened by their numbers.”

“But sometimes Mama said people on the writie box were bad.  And sometimes the things she saw made water come from her eyes.  And no matter how hard I purred, or how fast I licked her face, it didn’t seem to help.”

“Oh, but it did, Misty, it did.  One of the gifts you have is your innocence, as well as your silky fur, and soft purrs.  And, many nights you were joined by others who came before you, who tucked themselves against her, and purred as well.  None of you have ever been completely gone, you know that.”

Misty thought about that, and again, remembered her mother’s words when she was just a wee kitten, ‘when in doubt, wash’.  And Misty scrubbed the other paw.  

Andrew marveled at these little beings who lived with people, and made their lives better by being there. From the tiniest mouse to the biggest horse, animals who lived with people served great purpose. And the Creator never forgot any of them, not ever.

“How does the Creator keep track of everyone? 

Andrew smiled down at her, and kissed her nose.  “He knows, Sweetheart, He knows ... when even a sparrow falls ...”

©️  Rose Scott

February 2021

Friday, February 5, 2021

Fallen Heroes...

 She closed her eyes and thought of Andrew, and opened them to find herself on his lap. He petted her in just the right spots, letting her take her time to tell him what was on her mind. 

"I was looking over Mama's shoulder with the writie box.  There was a dog, covered by the American Flag.  What's that all about?"

"Ah" replied the angel. "Yes. It's quite a big thing, really. Come with me, you may watch, but not participate this time."  Andrew rose, cradling Misty, and disappeared.

When Misty opened her eyes, she found they were in a different meadow, much like hers, with Crystal Creek on one side of it ... but there were so many dogs!  Most of them Shepherds, like Storm, but there were others as well.  Malinois, Belgians, and other breeds she didn't know. All of them were at least as big as Storm, but some even bigger.

They were all lined up, in two rows.  At one end of the rows was a similar tuffet of clover, much bigger than that of Misty's meadow, and at the other end of the column of dogs, an angel mightier than the one holding Misty.  

Whispering, "Who's THAT?" she asked. 

"He is the Archangel Michael.  These dogs had special responsibilities on earth. They served in the Military, the Police, and in Search and Rescue groups.  They were specially trained, the elite of their fellow canines."

"Wow!"  Misty's normally round eyes grew even rounder.  A hush fell over all, and all eyes turned toward the tuffet of clover, and the magnificent dog asleep on it.  The dog closest to him nosed him gently.

"It is time, Brother Nico. Awake, rise, and be welcomed."

The sleeping dog stirred a bit, opened his eyes, and upon seeing another like himself, scrambled to his feet.  He looked around, seeing the two rows of dogs, and the mighty angel at the other end. 

"I don't understand ..." Nico looked puzzled.

"You will soon, Brother.  But first refresh yourself with a drink of water."

Having done as he was told, Nico turned to face the others. "Come, we have been waiting for you."

Escorted by the first dog, Nico trotted the length of dogs lined up, who all lowered their heads as he passed them.  As the two arrived at the Archangel's feet, all fell silent.

"Welcome Nico. You have served man well, both on the fields of battle and off.  On this day we honor you as you have made your final journey.  You will cross the Rainbow Bridge, to wait with your brothers and sisters for the day you will be reunited with your handler and his family."  Michael extended his hand, to rub Nico's ears, just the right way ....

"But, my family? They were all so upset.  I knew it was time to leave them, but they were not ready. What will become of them with me not there to look after them?" he asked.

Michael spoke. "Your handler and his family will continue under your protection until their length of days on earth comes to an end. There will be others on earth who will listen when you speak. All is as it was decreed by your Creator, that one day you would again be united with them, and go through the great gates of Heaven. 

"Others who have come before you will teach you how to send your love and your thoughts to those you left behind."

As Nico took all this in, the archangel rose, with Nico and his escort one on each side, and walked back through the rows of dogs. As they passed by, they faded from view, to the end that there was nothing left but that tuffet of clover.

Misty's eyes couldn't GET any rounder.  She blinked, and when she reopened them she saw that they were once again in HER meadow, seated on "counsel rock" as Max had dubbed it so long ago.  Andrew petted her, offered a small treat.  He knew it would be a bit before she digested all that she had seen.  She grew sleepy, and Andrew placed her back in the same spot she had been in when first she called for him. He faded from sight, but hovered just long enough to watch her awaken.

"OH!  I MUST go tell Mama!" She scampered as fast as any kitty could to the edge of the meadow she loved so well, and sent her thoughts earthbound. 

"Mama!  You can't imagine what I just saw!"

He smiled as he drifted away.  Sometimes he wished he could have been human, to have had the experiences man has had with these creatures.  But then he heard her ....

"But Andrew, that way you only would have had one or two of us.  This way you have us all!"

Once again he'd been put in his place by a little cat!

©Rose Scott,

February, 2021

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Sherry and Roscoe ...


“Um, Andrew?” Misty knew all she had to do was ask and he’d be there ... and he was, settling her on his lap, and rubbing her ears just the way she loved.
“What’s the matter, Dear One ...”
“Well, I know WE can go to the edge of the meadow, and send our love and comfort to those we left behind. But I was reading over Mama’s shoulder while she was on the writie box a day or so ago.”
“And?” The angel knew where this was going, but he also knew she had to get it all out herself.
“Well, Roscoe is here with his Mama, and she’s in Heaven inside the gates. But his Daddy is hurting. He has a new pup now, funny little thing, he calls him Skeeter of all things. But he misses Roscoe, and Roscoe’s Mama. Can THEY go back? Can they tell him they’re all right, and not in pain, and very happy here?”
Andrew petted the cat again, moved that she was so upset about all this. It’s difficult enough to know what’s in the heart of Man, but with these sweet creatures, there was often a question he had not anticipated.
“Well, perhaps we shall see what we can do.”
“Really? That would make me SO happy, and I think it would help Roscoe’s daddy too.” Misty began to purr, never doubting for a second that the angel could “fix” everything. Sometimes it was a tall order, even for an angel ...
And as they sat there, Misty on Andrew’s lap, half dozing under the angel’s ministrations, a lovely woman and a handsome dachshund joined them.
“Is this the Misty you spoke of?” She asked. “It is so sweet to learn of Ronald’s new friends, and to hear how much they care about him. Roscoe and I have peeked in on him from time to time, but I understand this kitty had to see for herself?”
Andrew fished in his famous pockets for a Roscoe sized tidbit or two. Misty stirred.
“OH!” She scrambled to her feet, embarrassed to have been caught sleeping. “You must be Roscoe,” she said to the little dog, “and that would make you Ducky Doodles!”
That was too much for Andrew, who burst into laughter. Leave it to the critters to come up the strangest things!
Indignant, Misty replied “Well, on Mama’s writie box the other night I saw a picture of this lady, and Roscoe’s daddy called her Ducky Doodles. It’s no worse than some of the names people give US!”
Sherry reached out and petted the little cat. “I suppose we should be going now?”
Andrew rose, putting Misty down beside Roscoe. “Well go on then, you know what to do ...”
Misty, Roscoe and “Ducky Doodles” (who was still chuckling at that much loved nickname) moved to the edge of the meadow. They closed their eyes, and sent their love and their thoughts to one they had left behind just a year ago.
“Now don’t you go gettin’ all weepy eyed on me. Roscoe and I are just fine, and we check on you all the time. But it seems that this little kitty friend of yours was worried about you so here we are.
“I hope with all that hammerin’ and sawin’ you’re doing that you remember to wear your safety goggles ... and you see to it you listen to that little pup. He has the makings of quite a companion.”
“Woof! I’m not sure if I should be jealous or not, Dad, but that pup sure is cute. Betcha he’s a handful!” Roscoe wagged his tail, just picturing the antics of young Skeeter.
“And where in tarnation did you come up with a name like Skeeter!” She asked.
Andrew quietly slipped away. Misty’s eyes were shining bright, watching the woman and the dog.
“Mama! They did it!! They visited, and um ... well, you know ...” she purred. “And Mama?” She said ever so softly, “I love you ...”
Andrew faded from sight, ever thankful that He who is in charge of such things gave him such a wonderful gift. There wasn’t a day go by the angel didn’t learn something new, about these animals, and the people who loved them.
... and he was thankful ...


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Little Moose ...

 Tupe wasn't sure how all this worked, he hadn't been here that long yet, but he'd heard some of the other "littles" talking about this Andrew dude.  Not sure how to FIND him, he set off toward the beautiful bridge he had crossed ... 

... and found himself on someone's lap!!!! And not just ANY lap!  "Hello Little One! Looking for me?" the angel asked, with a smile.  

Tupe was speechless!  Gus appeared at the angel's feet, as did a few other little ratties and mice.  His eyes couldn't BE any bigger!

Andrew reached in his pockets for goodies he knew his little friends would enjoy. Bean finished his morsel and scampered up onto the angel's lap.

"Yep, Dis Andrew! He knows eberyfing!"

"Well, not EVERYthing, but I do keep an eye and an ear out for anyone who needs me. Now what seems to be the trouble, Tupe?" he asked.

"Um, my whiskers are twitching. Like I should know somefing, but I don't."

"Ah. Some of you call it the "quickening".  It's when another of your kind has left his or her life on earth behind, and has come to the Rainbow Bridge. When your length of days on the earth comes to an end, here is where you wait for the humans who loved you.  Time doesn't have any meaning here, it won't seem like an endless wait, but one day you will be reunited with them."

"Do YOU meet everybody?" 

"No, but someone does.  I meet those who are in some way connected to each other. Sometimes by families, sometimes because they met because they knew someone else who is here now."

None of them had noticed a beautiful golden retriever who had joined them, along with a cat, both bringing other "littles" as Andrew lovingly called them, who were deposited at Andrew's feet. Sensing the commotion, Tupe peered over the edge of the angel's lap, eyes wide. 


Maggie flopped down on her side, with two fat hamsters using her for a pillow.  The cat thoughtfully washed a paw.

"What you are feeling is the knowledge that another has come, someone you knew, or your people knew."

"Yep, our mamas have this writey box thinggie." This from one of the hamsters. "They know people they've never met.  Our mama knew Bean's people, who knew Marty's people, who knew ..." said Frisky, now distracted by other tidbits produced from Andrew's pockets.  Even for the dog and the cat!  Nofur EVER forgot about those pockets!

"Moose has come, and is about to wake up, perhaps you would like to greet him?" Andrew pointed to a lush green patch of clover away from them a little bit.

"I'll take him, it's a long haul for a Little."  and with that, Misty snatched Tupe from Andrew's lap, and trotted off toward the newcomer.  She dropped him close to Moose.

"Cat spit. I'm covered with CAT spit." Tupe furiously scrubbed his face clean.  This being carried around by a cat thing was just too much. But, with his composure restored, and giving one last dark look at the cat who had brought him here, he turned his attention to Moose, who was stirring.  

The little mouse awoke, and looked around. He saw Tupe, and ... and ... "

"It's okay, she's cool, you're okay ..." said Tupe. "We came to meet you and welcub you.  See that dude over dere? sitting on a rock? Come on, he'll explain it ...  but first, hab a drink from dat creek. Is like nofing you eber tried!"

Giving him something to do gave Moose a moment to collect himself, before being snatched up by the cat, who took both of them back to Andrew, and deposited them on the angel's lap.  

"Welcome, Moose! I see you have met Tupe, and Misty.  Tupe wanted to be here when you arrived."

"But, where is Here, and why am I?" This was all overwhelming. First of all Dad was so sad, and then he fell asleep, and when he woke up there was another mouse looking at him, and a cat, but he didn't hurt any more, he actually felt good ... and ... 

Andrew stoked the little mouse with a gentle finger.  "you and your friends have come to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for the people who loved you on earth. Their length of days is longer than yours, but one day they will come too, and you'll all go through the great Gates of Heaven together.  You have had a drink from Crystal Creek, which flows from the River of Life.  Your Creator knows when even one as small as you has fallen, and keeping His promise to all of His creatures, that one day you would all be with Him and your families in Heaven.  Come, let us go to the Bridge, your friends are waiting ..." and with that, all of them were gone ...

.... and appeared on the beautiful bridge made of every color.  Misty and Maggie hopped off, leaving Andrew holding Moose.  

Moose looked at all these animals!  Mice, rats, hamsters, chipmunks, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, more than he ever imagined existed! His little eyes were wide with wonder.  They all seemed to be chattering at him at once, until Andrew raised his hand ... 

"You need to accept the Creator's promise to you, by crossing this Bridge. It's a big jump for a 'Little', but Maggie is there to catch you ..."  With that, Andrew set Moose down on the Bridge.  

Moose peered over the edge, at all these animals. Big ones, little ones, some he knew, others he didn't, but they were all there to meet him.  He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and jumped, and landed softly on Maggie's golden fur.  

As the others gathered around him, all talking at once it seemed, Andrew thought to himself, how all of them were connected to each other, by one common thread, love.  There was much he didn't understand about life on earth, how there could be violence and terror, as well as beauty and wonder.  But he knew the Creator loved them all, be they mighty or meek, and that this place was their destiny.  He watched as Misty moved away from the others toward the edge of the meadow.  She would be sending her thoughts to her Mama, who would send them on to the people who were mourning the loss of one so dear.  

.... and all was as it should be ...

©Rose Scott